One trait of successful people is mental toughness: the ability to overcome obstacles, to deal with any hardship, and to emerge intact, positive and ready to take on the world. We’re convinced mental toughness in sports is transferable to any performance as well as life; and we are thrilled to mental toughness training part of the Olympia Reign program.

We have contracted with Brett Sandwick of Elite Mentality to provide regular mental performance consultations. His work focuses on helping players improve their performance through mental skills training. Brett teaches players how to set goals, build confidence, prepare mentally, refocus and find motivation. Players who learn these mental skills well consistently perform at their best in every situation. At Olympia Reign, volleyball is not the only priority; and we’re excited to help young women excel on the court and in life, regardless of the challenges they face.

About Brett Sandwick

I am a Certified Consultant (#598) for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology which is the governing body for sport psychology professionals. This certification required over 700 hours of work with athletes and mentorship. I have a master’s degree from Florida State University in Sport Psychology. I work with high school, collegiate and professional athletes leveraging their mindset to improve their performance. I also work with fitness clients, businesses and the U.S. Army improving mental toughness. Hence, I am a mental conditioning trainer or coach, but I am not a licensed psychologist. I look forward to getting to each player and helping them achieve their goals. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Brett Sandwick
CEO, Founder, and Mental Conditioning Trainer
Phone: 360.280.2262
Facebook: @TheEliteMentality
Twitter: @EliteMentality